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America's Oldest Living Professional Mine
to perform


The Richmond Shepard Theatre
309 E. 26th St. at 2nd Ave

July 29th - August 8th, 2009


Eighty year old MIME, Richmond Shepard and father of well-known singer Vonda Shepard, will perform STAND UP MIME Wednesdays thru Saturdays at 8:00 PM July 29th thru August 8th. Tickets are $20; $10 for students and seniors. For reservations, please call (212) 684-2690. The Richmond Shepard Theatre is located at 309 E. 26th St. at 2nd Ave.

Shepard, who has been called “America’s Foremost Mime,” says: “The only thing that pays less than Mime is Poetry.” Richmond performs Stand Up Mime, comedy and social satires, with the accomplished Mime TAMAR KUMMEL -- all in 80 minutes!

Shepard was trained in Mime by Phillip Schrager, Alvin Epstein and Etienne Decroux. He started America’s first ensemble Mime troupe, and has performed on many television shows as a Mime including The Diana Ross Special, The Mitzi Gaynor Special, The Merv Griffin, Steve Allen, Dinah Shore, Donald O’Connor and Mort Sahl Shows; The Jeffersons, The New Dick Van Dyke Show (1990), Madam’s Place (as Harpo), and many more shows, commercials and industrial films. As an actor he was on Kojak, The FBI, That Girl, Ally McBeal, and a dozen sit-coms. In Los Angeles he did five Mime shows which he wrote, directed and starred in at The Mark Taper Forum, and one each at The Westwood Playhouse, The Wilshire Ebel Theatre and The Variety Arts Theatre with his company and they toured throughout the U.S. playing at colleges and theatres until 1987. Summer of ‘87 Richmond and troupe performed at The Edinburgh Festival for three weeks. In the ‘90’s he did “Stand Up Mime,” in which he talks and illustrates jokes and stories with movement.

Summer of 2001 Richmond and troupe performed a dozen Mime shows in Jakarta, Indonesia at an International Cultural Festival, and two in Bali. Winter 2002, he did a six person show in Los Angeles for six weeks and summer of ’02 he did the show under the title “The Secret of Survival” in New York with nine mime/gymnasts and four musicians.. Summer of 2003 he did his “Stand Up Mime” act in cabarets in Berlin, and each year from 2004 to 2008 he taught and performed with his Irish troupe in Derry, Ireland. For the past several years Richmond has performed in various cities in the US, in Insbruck, Austria, and in London. He is booked in New Zealand for January, 2010.

Richmond was movement co-ordinator on several feature films including “Deadly Friend” and “Kiss Meets The Phantom,” and many industrial films. He taught Mime at California State University at L.A., U.S.C. and other colleges, and currently teaches at his theatre in New York. His “Mime: The Technique of Silence” is the standard text in universities throughout the U. S. and the U.K. The book “Pantomime: The Silent Theatre” by Hunt (Atheneum) called him “America’s Foremost Mime.”


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