Wicked Frozen

April 8th - July 22nd Sundays at 7:30 pm

WICKED FROZEN is a high-energy parody musical mash-up celebrating and skewering two wildly successful pop culture phenomena, with over a dozen amazing original songs. When Adele Dazeem and her teacher Kristen Chenobell become trapped in a Boston classroom during a freak blizzard things take a turn for the absurd as Adele sets off on a journey through the magical land of Scandinorfindelle. Wicked Frozen is not only a subversive satire on six cups of coffee, but also a reminder that even when things may only 'be okay,' it's the people around us that truly matter. www.wickedfrozen.com


April 24th - July 24th Tuesdays at 7:00 pm

IT CAME FROM BEYOND tells the story of Harold, a nerdy high school geek whose only chance to save Becky the popular, beautiful girl that he's in love with is to find the secret hidden information in a new comic book, "It Came From Beyond." In the comic book's parallel storyline, an astronomer seeks the answers to the similarly mysterious clues in order to stop aliens from outer space "blanking" the population of Planet Earth for their evil twisted purposes.