It’s True, Men in Black is Back!

It’s true, the “Men in Black” are back and better than ever. Will Smith to star in “Men in Black 3″ with Tommy Lee Jones this summer.  “Men in Black 3″ is about preventing history from being attacked and facing all odds. Agent J (Smith) will go back in time once he discovers that history has been rewritten to delete his partner K (Jones) from existence. Smith will go back to 1969 where he will meet up with with young K (Josh Brolin) to fight.

For die-hard Men in Black fans, Facebook set up a page asking people to submit their questions about MIB3 for Will Smith. Smith was flooded hundreds of questions. After selecting a handful of questions, Will Smith e-mail back his answers.

Some questions and answered included:

Q: Will, it’s been quite a while since the last MIB and you have performed in a number of diverse films since. How difficult has it been getting back into the agent J role after so long?

Will Smith: Not difficult at all! After you play a character twice, it’s almost like riding a bike. A pretty black bike.

Q: Will, If you could travel back in time, which era would you visit and why?

Will Smith: Ancient Egypt — so I could prove that aliens didn’t build the pyramids!

Q: Where are the “women in black”?

Will Smith: You gotta see the movie! There are some very prominent Women in Black… and they look hot, too.

Q: Did you suggest having a younger Will Smith like Tommy’s character in this film? Why or why not?

Will Smith: I could answer that question… but then I would be forced to neuralyze you. SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT!

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