Andrew Farkas Part of Wharton’s Spring Members Meeting

Andrew Farkas will be part of The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania’s Spring Members Meeting. The Wharton School recently published its agenda for the meeting, which will take place on Thursday, April 28th at The Rittenhouse. Amongst many others, Island Capital Group CEO Andrew Farkas is going take part in the discussion “Capital Markets—Which Way is Up?” The discussion is going to address questions dealing with cap rates and whether they are going to compress, why they would, when it would be likely to occur and what would be the implications if either one of those events took place.

The second topic the discussion will focus on deals with interest rates. It will respond to questions related to what the real estate investing world would look like in a higher rate environment. Furthermore, panelists, such as Andrew Farkas, will address the availability of debt and equity in the future. The experts are going to make assumptions and display their expectations about whether they are going to be more expensive. Lastly, new players and topics of risk, risk management and 2011 as a good vintage year will be discussed.